Project Name:Restaurant : IREO Waterfront
Building Location: Ludhiana (Punjab).
Building Usage: Restaurant : Greenfield Project.
Area of the Project: 5000 Sq. Ft.
Construction Time: Total 120 days from the approval of G.A. Drawings, including finishing
Manufacturing Time: Total 21 days from the approval of G.A. Drawings
Building Height: 5 mtrs. from the ground level.
Clear Height: 4.5 mtrs. clear from the ground level till highest point at the bottom of false ceiling, as the false ceiling followed the slope of the roof.

Restaurant : IREO Waterfront

Challenges that our client was facing were as follows :
IREO had to showcase this restaurant at their Ludhiana Waterfront project within 5 months at any cost, including landscaping.
IREO preferred and environment-friendly building with abundant natural lighting & ventilation.
: Our client wanted a world-class building with international standards of architectural design & finishing, since their customers were high-net-worth-individuals, who preferred high-end finishing.
Need for a well-insulated restaurant building for day to day usage by the residents of the township.
Client wanted a comfortable outside sitting area as well, however with a covered roof.

We gave a successful solution for all the above challenges to our client, by applying our Eco-friendly Steel Building Technology using Hybrid Technology, which uses a combination of recyclable Light-Gauge Steel & Hot-rolled Mild Steel Structure.

Following is how our Steel Buildings technology solved each challenge :
We put the manufacturing of this project as the first in sequence, by going beyond certain projects which were lined up in the factory before this. We took the challenge of less time head-on, and manufactured it in record time by smart processing.
Our eco-friendly Steel Buildings structure technology is an exact replacement of the RCC (Concrete) construction, and even high-rise buildings can be made using our technology, totally replacing RCC. In terms of stability, strength, durability, long-life, architectural flexibility, high quality finishes, etc., our construction technology is far more superior than the PUF Panel concept or the Porta-cabin concept. Mobilization of steel is much more easier than RCC or Bricks. There are a host of other benefits.
We incorporated high-density insulation material in the roofs & walls. Also, we designed the building roof system in an innovative way, in three different levels, including a roof for the open sitting area outside the restaurant building.
We provided them a solar-passive design as well as huge openings for windows/glazing, which gave them the advantage of natural ventilation & lighting.