Biodigestor Toilets

Bio digestor toilets are the answer to the sewage problems and water-borne diseases like diarrhoea that cause thousands of deaths every year. Its main purpose is complete degeneration of waste material without causing an impact on the environment.

This biodigestor technology uses anaerobic microbial consortium that performs the task of fermentation under anaerobic conditions in anoxic environment of the tank. It has almost complete organic matter biodegradation, with minimal sludge or H2S production. The bio-digester is a container made of FRP / SS / Mild Steel / Concrete / Plastic and undertakes the fermentation of the human waste. It is completely environmental friendly as the effluent liquid and gas from this tank is used for irrigation and energy generation. Also, it is completely maintenance free with no requirement of cleaning unlike a septic tank that needs regular cleaning. This technology is basically used to overcome all the problems faced in the use of septic tanks.

  • Flush and forget technology.
  • Odourless, colourless, pathogen free effluent.
  • Safe effluent water; recycled for flushing and gardening.
  • Get energy from methane (bio gas produced).
  • One-time charging of bacteria.
  • No drainage system required.
  • No sewage treatment plant required.
bio toilet

Individual houses, schools, community toilets, multy-storied apartments, hospitals, hotels, railway stations, public conveniences, petrol bunks, highway restrooms, trains, buses and mobile units.