Why Greenifyi

Today’s global scenario demands that we need to change with time and bring about path-breaking- technology in every field to stay in synchronization with Mother Nature. Here at Greenifyi, we don’t believe in going where the path may lead rather we believe in walking the path and leave a trial for others to follow. Talent, vision, imagination and ingenuity coupled with dynamism, perseverance and determination creates a lethal but unbeatable combination which we attribute to ourselves with in the field of Steel Buildings infrastructure. Not only this we are one stop solution, from architecture to building to interiors and the perfect use of Green technology.

This business model to us is much more than a way of working, it’s our guiding philosophy and helps us to excel in every aspect of business we step into. The core of the model is designed to create better value to our clients through four major catalysts of business.



Our bottom-up organizational structure puts the best efforts to pool, nurture and retain the best talent in the industry. As our team is the biggest asset we can offer to our clients, we take great care to generate & nurture this asset.

The emerging talent pool is guided and mentored by seasoned experts who have hands on experience in the shaping of this highly dynamic industry of Steel Buildings engineering. The management acts as the strategic support, as our core-working team is committed to ensure greater responsibilities and ownership of work at every level.


In a business where projects are crucial to achieve the long term goals of clients, only a sophisticated process driven project management can ensure the best Returns-on-Investment. We channelize our technical expertise at every level of project and ensure our deep engagement in the complete project lifecycle. We work collaboratively with our clients from the concept development to design to final delivery, and in every phase use our technical knowledge and management skills to deliver projects of the best quality, within the budget and timeframe of our clients. So when we work on any project, we take the complete ownership of the work allowing the client to focus on their core business activity without worrying about the on-going infrastructure development.


We believe that if we always follow the same way, it cannot lead us to new results. That is why we have incorporated innovation as our way of working. We innovate and evolve in every sphere of our business. From innovative customer centric solution design to innovative project management, we are keen to research, accumulate knowledge and induce fresh ideas into our work. Our latest offerings in Steel Buildings infrastructures using eco-friendly and green products will amaze you with the possibilities they hold for a sustainable future.


We are proud to position ourselves as the pioneering organization bringing the most updated technology into the Steel Buildings engineering and infrastructure segment. We have left no stone unturned to associate ourselves with the globally leading organizations in our field, and we keep forming extensive knowledge sharing arrangements. This has enabled us to offer the most sophisticated solutions in the category. Also our technical prowess has played key role in designing industry specific solutions and our revolutionary green infrastructure technology.