Solar Power

The future is green, sustainable and renewable energy. Towards this we at Greenifyi have taken up the endeavor to maximize the use of solar energy in various effective ways for different sectors depending upon their needs. The geographic location and weather conditions would always be kept in mind during the designing of the solar usage for the structure.


Solar heat pump : is one such gadget which uses outside air for heating of water and supply the same throughout the year, even in cold weather conditions. It reduces electric energy’s usage and brings down carbon emissions too along with the electric bills. It is cost effective and doesn’t need lot of roof space and solar panels. It gives you the luxury of a hot shower throughout the year.

Photo Voltaic cells : can be used for the energy needs of a building. It can be successfully installed to light up the entire structure using the green technology of solar energy. Or it can also be made into modules and be used to provide an alternate power supply. Also, solar air conditioning is becoming one of the most efficient and cost effective solutions for commercial air conditioning and space heating. Absorption chiller AC units are popular in countries like Japan, where the high cost of electricity make them very desirable and they constitute up to 40% of all installed commercial air conditioning. They are simple and dependable, using no harmful CFC.

Roof top solar power solutions : Solar power is the best choice for conserving energy and offering high-efficiency heating and electricity. It is the best technology for space-constrained areas as the panels can be laid out on the roof top, giving high energy production per square meter. A solar power roof top solution is the best to optimize return on investment. This dependable source of energy can be used for providing energy to big offices and organizations as well as for residential complexes. It is a reliable power backup as well as a sustainable one.

Solar water heater : This technology is in vogue in present times to conserve the use of non sustainable resources. It basically converts sunlight into renewable energy, which is used for water heating with the help of a solar thermal collector. Varied technologies are used for making solar water heaters (SWH). These SWH systems offer hot water for most part of the year. In winter, there may not be enough solar heat to provide hot water, in which case a gas or electric booster is used to further heat the water.

Solar lighting : A lighting system that works on the power generated from sunlight. This lighting system is composed of an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, inverter or a charge controller. The lighting system works on electricity generated from batteries that are charged with the use of solar photovoltaic panel. These lightings sources can replace the non sustainable ones like kerosene lamps or even regular bulbs. The only flip side is that the initial costs are high and they are weather dependent.

All this and still looking at creating many more avenues for the usage of solar energy in a cost effective and efficient way. Hoping to create a legacy and a path for others to follow.