Converting Roof Tops to Livable Spaces

Lot of roof tops of existing buildings are empty and left unutilized. We convert your rooftop into Livable or Usable Spaces.

How do we do it?

We have devised many ways to achieve this, some of which are as follows:

  1. We form a design strategy along with you, narrowing down to all possible & preferred multiple usages of your existing rooftop.

  2. We partially or fully construct a specially custom-designed for you temporary light-weight yet very strong Steel Building on top of your existing building with a sloped roof, which acts as an additional floor or storey of your building, which may be removed or shifted or amended any time in the future, as per the need of the hour. The interiors of this building can be exactly as a brick-&-mortar building. The exteriors can be planned with multiple options.

  3. If partial, we convert your remaining rooftop into a garden or an environment-friendly space for spending a peaceful time, along with a combination of some or many technologies for nature-loving living habitats.

  4. We may also give you a flat accessible terrace over your new Steel Building, as well as we can fix Solar Power or Solar Water Heating solutions on the sloped roof of your new Steel Building.

  5. These are highly secure buildings, which can be made as Smart or Intelligent Buildings.

  6. However, if you do not want to construct a new light Steel Building over any area of your existing building rooftop, we have numerous solutions to convert your rooftop into an enjoyable, maintainable & much better utilized Livable Space. If you are excited or interested to know more about our Solution, please get in touch with us.